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Posted by on Dec 30, 2013 in Giveaways | 81 comments

Win a Trip to LA! – Queen Latifah Sweepstakes


Ready to have some fun? The Queen Latifah Show has your daily dose of celebrity interviews, inspiring human interest stories, musical performances, and pop culture. And now you can watch and enter for your chance to win a trip to Los Angeles to see a taping!

Find out where to watch & enter at deals for now


No purchase necessary to enter or win. Winners must be 18 years of age or older and reside in the United States. Sweepstakes begins 12/30 at 12:00AM PT; Ends 2/7/14 at 11:59PM PT.


    • Good luck!

      • MS. Queen T. My wife and I enjoy your informative show about lifes trials and tribulations we try not to spend to much of our time in front of the NUT BOX. We rather spend more time together with each other and enjoyin our lives in action,but when relax to your show its rather enlighting to the schemes of life or might I SAY a better life forward. THANKS QUEEN T. LOVE ALWAYS ELLEN AND PETER JOYNES

      • 19141ZIP/Pose. queen I’ve been watching you your whole career but I’ve never saw you in person, and I would love nothing better than to see you live. Kellie pearson

      • I hope I when the trip because me and my boyfriend myron ravenel need a vacation

  • Hope I win because I will like to see my family because I
    have not seen then in a long time and I will like to see my daddy and my sister and my brother.

    P.S MY name is PARIS am 8 year old and your the best

  • Im the biggest fan im fortythree years young an I know what your all about U have come a long way an u deserve everything you are bleesed with. An jst to share wit you my mother is gone know but she had your set it off poster an she also loved you. U R the BEst .


  • Yes this a great show and I just Love

  • I really love the show shes my favorite singer,actress, talkshow host keep up the good work love u queen ur truly heaven sent most of all u keep it real. Stay blessed, love u in all that u do. Colette L.Grant 214-486-9713, 8201 Fair Oaks Crossing #1044 Dallas,tx.75231

  • Queen Latifah: I am truly not saying this to win a contest. I am saying it because it is true. I have always thought you were a fabulous comedy actor and have now seen you as a dramatic actress as well. You have a beautiful voice, and whether you are thin or not so thin, you are a beautiful lady. From hearing you speak in different interviews, I just have a feeling you are just as beautiful in your heart as you are outwardly.
    Of course, I would love to win this. We have a son, our only child, who lives in L.A., who is a struggling Artist (extremely talented), and who we only see generally once a year at Thanksgiving. That would be a huge bonus to get to see him as well. However, having honestly said these things, whether I win or not, I am glad to have had the chance to say these things to you. The very best with your Talk Show and in the New Year.

    Donna B. Sobczak

  • Great lady, and great sweepstakes! Happy New Year!

  • How in the heck are we supposed to enter when the hennafenna form won’t load? Just askin’…

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Emailing you now to resolve. Thanks!

  • Hi I’m Yvonne and I really like your show I hope I win. your a great woman and I hope you have a wonderful new year have a good day and I really hope you pick me by the way I don’t have website but I love your show. Your such a nice spiritual person . god bless you!!!!!!!!

  • great show and chance to go to LA~

  • Queen congratulation to you on your new show. I would love to win this contest. I just had a birthday on the 8 of December and I didn’t do anything for my birthday or Christmas, I need this win for me. I am always doing things for everyone else and never do anything for me. I am a singer, Actor and a designer. I really need a job. can you help me.I was on you song on October 23, 2013. I sit right in front of the stage. I had on a pink dress and leopard heels I told you I shared the same birthday as NiKi Minag. Can you help me with a job.I really need this.Linda aka LadyDiva.I really need this win.

  • This is a new and refreshing program: always upbeat and positive. Queen Latifah is beautiful. Every time I hear her voice, I can’t help thinking of Ice Age.

  • I really like your show and your acting/singing i hope to be pick so i can come out to see you again (seen your show in person before in NY) thank you.

  • Please pick me I live on the east coast and would love to come to sunny, warm Los Angeles.

  • I have been a fan of queen since she started rapping.she has always been my favorite singer/artist.I’m so happy and proud of her and her show is one of the best day time show out there now she is down to earth and her show is informative, and fun to watch,and she looks great.keep the good times going and let her show reign on!!!!!

  • Hi Queen you are my Hero I love everything about you ; The way You Speak, Dance, Sing,Dress and your great sense of humour. One of my Greatest Desire in life is to meet you in person and have my photo taken with you.I will be so happy to meet you it will be my dream come true.

  • Just best wishes to u & staff & god bless you now & always!!!!!

  • Hi you are one great lady and I hope to meet you I’m loseing my mom to kidney feller and I lost my job now I may lose my home so if I get to meet you in person it’s a dream I’ve had for many year I see a lot of show make people wishes come true so I do hope I get to me you….Anita~

  • hi latifah,i like your show,i would love to do a show for you or i wouldnt mind attending your show,i would love for yall to send me free tickets,my adress is 315 alexander rouse rd kinston,nc 28504,i hope my letter reaches you in the greatest of health,god bless you

    • Queen, Would love so much to get this win! Love your voice! ~ Congrats on your show! I wanna be with you on big-sexy !
      Please pick me!! Thank You~~

  • I like the show.

  • Hello, the link is broken.

    • Here is the link: deals for now

      If the entry form page still does not load, there may be some browser compatibility issue. Try using another browser (i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, etc). Good luck!

  • I have watched you in movies and thought you was really great, and you made people think about things. Like you can be heavy and not skinny and be great. I love your show also. Try not to miss it, cause it makes my day better. You are a great person, I love you dearly. Keep doing what you are doing. Vicky

  • Bonjour Queen je suis tres contente de t’ecrire je te souhaite tout le bonheur du monde et se mon reve de te rencontre un jour.

  • Queen Latifa your show is the best! You are very pretty, jolly, smart, lady of the people, and fun to watch. I watch your show everyday of the week. Please keep up the good work you are doing. You have touched our hearts and that is why we love you.

    • As above

  • Queen Latifa you are truly blessed with this show I can’t stop watching! I honestly look up to you. I also can’t wait to meet u and go to one your open calls!! GOD BLESS!

  • I love your show you are a talented and a beautiful person!!

  • Hi,
    I love the Queen Latifah Show, but cannot access the website?! Is there another way to access the show info and enter this contest? Get an error saying my current version of my browser isn’t compatible, but i cannot update it. any way to help me? thanks

    • Hi Cindy,
      You will need to update your current browser or try using another browser (i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, etc).

  • I love the Queen Latifah Show and have watched every day since Day 1! Unfortunately I cannot access the show’s website and get the message that the current version of my browswer is not compatible and I cannot change it. Is there any other way to access the website? thanks

  • Happy New Year!!! Queen love your hair show & all your movies stay blessed…

  • I watch your show every single day! It is awesome! I
    have written you twice, but have not gotten a response to
    my letters. I would love to win tickets to your show! I
    have NEVER been on the west coast or on television before. Perhaps 2014 will be my blessed year, and the year of greater!

  • I forgot to ask if you plan on having the actors/actresses from “The Have and The Have Nots” on
    your show? I love that series! I didn’t get to see Tyler
    Perry when you had him on because there was a specisl report on that day showing Barack Obama. Be blessed Queen!

  • Excuse the above typo -special and I meant to type President Barack Obama.

  • Hi my Queen,
    How are you? I am a mother of three boys with a bad disease(Sickle cell anemia).After the earthquake in Haiti, four years ago, my family and I decided to live in USA in order to give them a better health.We struggle a lot to survive and take care those children. Actually, I work at the Nursing home, one of my patient always watch your show that why I had this opportunities to see you almost every day. Moreover, in my country I used to watch your movie.I like you because of your humor, your compassion, your love and the manner to treat people. It s not a fake. You believe in what your are doing and you give your heart on it.Sometimes I cried when I saw all those things that you did. May the Lord give you strength to do it more and more.Love you Queen Kiss………………

  • winit

  • Dear MS.Queen i wish you all the god blessing for the New Year.I watch your show in the morning at work and if i miss any thing i look at you at evening at 5p . I am having my birthday coming up and i will love to win the trip i never bin to the west cost. just one more thing i over 54 years i never had a birthday to remember. but that my wish and to meat you in person to.Good luck.Cheryl

  • Enjoy every show new fresh talk show all the guest look so relax Queen seem to be a real type which is the best part of the show

  • Pick me I’ve always wanted to go to LA I will bring my sisters

  • She is Great, love to win!!

  • I am a great fan of yours and wish I can come see you show in Los Angeles. Your beautiful person and I wish you well in all that you do. Thank you

  • This show rocks.

  • I really love this show iam a true fan of the quenn latifah for life.

  • Love u, big fan, watch every movie and ur music

  • Hello Queen your the best Love the show… Kiss your mom for me for having you. Can’t wait to meet you and get a chance to sing with you one day its been a dream of mines to become a recording artist… Actor… Started singing at age 3…. Looking for to co staring in the next movie with yah….. This is my year Queen to go big or go home….. Love yah! Steve Foxx

  • I hope I win I have been a fan of yours for a long time I record your show everyday:):)

  • Omg I hope I win

  • I Love you and your show! It would be awesome to win and meet you…..

  • Great make – up tips and I love all your clothes winning would be great, seeing you in person amazing, I’m in a scooter – chair I hope your show is handicable, keep up the great work, inspiring all of us each day

  • I meet you in Kingston New york 12401 !! i couldn’t believe it !! it was came into this little Boulevard store asking for directions to UPAC !!! i just stood there like a dummy ..I gave you directions and said to you “I Know You” “I Know i Know you ! you said yes you should know me !!! Then walked out,, i ran across the road to get the paper and i checked to see if you were entertainig at UPAC in Kingston….i couldn’t believe it that i met you..and got star struck…i just watched The Wizard of OZ with the muffets with grand-daughter and you were in it! i told my grand-daughter that i met you she’s{Lana} only 4 years old…sooo good i love your movies and your show..i thought that your show was New York.i would love to come to your show even if it is in LA…

  • Hi my name is Angela, I am your biggest fan. I have loved your music since the beginning. Especially your song Ladies First. That song was so powerful to me.It inspired me and helped me realize that I am very important and I deserve the best. I absolutely love your show. I would be so honored to meet you in person. I hope and pray that I will some day. Thank you so much for all that you do. Sincerely Angela Alejandro

  • Wish I lived in la 🙁

  • Hi Queen, my name is Rosa and I am from Alabama. u r my idol and I have been to four of your concerts. I went back-to-back nights in Biloxi and B’Ham. I paid a considerable amount of money to meet you in Biham, but I did not get a chance. I admire your jazz album Travelin light and I know every song on that album word by word. I would love to win this sweepstake because I would love being there with you!!!

  • I hope I get a chance to meet you in person

  • I have watched you succeed in your life knowing you have had your trials. I admire your journey and like the attitude you project which is positive. I would like to be more like you and have your confidence which I am working on. It would be exciting to meet you. Also, I would love to come to LA.

  • Such an opportunity to meet you.It would be great to win,being retired would put joy in my quite life-need a trip also my great niece lives in LA-crossing my fingers

  • I would greatly appreciate winning tickets to your show.

  • Luv your show watch you ever afternoon on KTVX,makes me laugh hope your having as much fun as you are given us!

  • Queen……I’m by no way computer savvy like my kids are, with that said…I pray I’m doing this email thing right. I’ve never in my lifetime been to any talk show ever. I would love to come see your show with my 18 year old daughter. The love I have for you, Will & Jada is in the upper stratosphere. I want my baby girl to have a chance to meet “True Greatness” not fake. Just so you know, even if I can’t win this trip, I will continue to strive to make it possible for my baby to come see you. My work schedule is ridiculous but if there’s a will…there’s a way. God bless you always Queen.

  • I love your show very informative. Parents need to know
    the real facts on concussions, because doctors are not
    the experts on this like they should be.

    Thank you for keeping us informed.

    Anita Davis

    • This Tripp would be perfect for someone like me just fresh out of 10 year marriage that took a serious toal on me Comming from an abusive past I am starting my life over and the queen deffantly knows how to inspire us!!! Go head girl do yo thang!!!!

  • Ms.Queen Latifah I would love to come to your show please pick me please

  • Hi queen lateffi me and my grandmother watch your show every day we really love you I’m a single mother of two and I have a one-year granddaughter she dances to your music I have wanted to get to come to your show and meet you I’ve had a hard life watching your show and you give hope my grandmother is 87 is will be 88 on June 1 it would mesn alot to her if she could talk to you I stay with her and take care of her it’s really hard because I’m disabled but nothing gives me so much joy I would love to win a trip for relaxing myself keep up the good work God bless you we love you

  • Q, i love your show and everything you’ve stard in . Carol walterson Papillion, Nebr. P.S. My husband & i are big fan’s…..

  • Its a blessing to have new shows like yours Ms. Latifah. But I’m sad because don’t get to watch you the way I want to due to my work schedule. My mother love you as a entertainer and she is my rock in hard times. I don’t make alot do concessions at my job and I try to help my mother the best way I can.My mother loss my Dad to cancer in 2008. And my mother is on fix income its hard but we manage to keep surviving. She’s stress alot of times and I try my best to help any way possible. It has taken a toll on me because of my lack of income. She went back to her native land the Philippines but really struggle to enjoy herself due to lack of money. And I really don’t know what a vacation is I would enjoy meeting you personally that would be a vacation for me. I thank you for taking time to read this and may success and love follow you everywhere……. (Ollie J. McRee III Detroit, Michigan)

  • I love your show. I live in Jersey and whenever I’m not working late, after judge Judy, I turned the channel to watch your show. I just wished that it was recorded out of New York, that way I could get a ticket to come and experience being in the audience of a talk show. I have never had that experience. Perhaps when I come out to San Diego to visit my son, daughter in law, and grandbabies, I can get to Los Angeles to your show. I love your show

  • Queen of Comedy! Always makes me SMILE

  • Please call me because theirs no greater person than grandma a carmen she always watch your show and you now.she will say if you touch that TV I will set it off in here she have nine of our I hope I did ever right to be the one you pick she love everyone I will even sing for you I need to do something for her she keep me and my sister and brothers together and other to get her she need something to put a big smile on her face she act like moder on Charles Tyler Perry love Arnessia Walker of Birmingham, Alabama 35215 I go to chalkvill school


  • Queen in life people think is when you wear a crown to be a Queen. But only one thing I’m going to say it’s, may GOD bless the person who gave you the name of Queen because for someone to be a Queen that person suppose to have a wonderful feeling for the one that she’s living around and the person you don’t know. Girl you so bless, so keep it the way you are and GOD will bless you more

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