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Posted by on May 4, 2015 in Home & Garden, Seasonal & Events | 34 comments

Plumbing Tips to Save Money

Plumbers can charge a high hourly fee to install a fixture or repair a leak, but their services are essential for some home projects. Here are some plumbing tips to help you reduce your repair bill without sacrificing quality.


Perform regular maintenance on your drains, faucets and water heater to avoid costly repairs caused by a big problem later. When you notice a drip or leak, replace the washer yourself or call a plumber right away. Do not over tighten the tap to try to stop the leak because you can damage the faucet, which means a costly replacement. Keep your drains clean by removing hair and soap scum regularly.

Buy Fixtures
Ask your plumber if you can purchase the fixtures yourself. You may be able to get a better price at a home improvement store, especially if you find the item on sale or use a coupon. Most plumbers will not mind if you supply the parts, but be sure to buy the right sized fixtures.

Hire a Licensed Professional
Before you hire a plumber, ask to see his license. Plumbers operating without a license often charge a lot less per hour, but you risk paying a lot more money in repair costs if he does not fix it correctly. Also, an unlicensed plumber can not pull the necessary permits, and you may face a big fine if the work is done without a required license.

Save Time
Plumbers charge by the hour, so make sure he can start the job quickly by cleaning the area. Clean out cabinets and the top of the sink so he does not have to do it himself. If he is working on a water heater, make sure there is a clear path to the appliance and he can easily access it without moving boxes.

Combine Jobs
Plumbers usually have a minimum charge for a call, even if he finishes the work before the time is up. Since you are paying for the minimum amount of time, ask him to fix one or two minor problems as time permits.

For large jobs, get quotes from at least three plumbers to compare prices. Compare the cost of the quotes as well as what is included in the final cost, including parts, labor and warranties. Ask the plumber for references before hiring him to work in your home to avoid a potential problem.

Be wary of plumbers who charge a low hourly fee. Their bill may be lower, but you run the risk that he is not experienced or licensed to work in your area. Instead, use these plumbing tips to help you save money on a plumbing repair.


    • Its a such a great and helpful post!

  1. I actually hadn’t thought to ask a plumber if you can buy your own fixtures for them to install. That definitely sounds like it could be a pretty good way to save a bit of money. There’s a lot of changes that I’d like to make in my bathroom soon, and updating the plumbing and fixtures is on the to-do list. I’ll have to be sure and hire someone that can install the things I buy, instead of making be buy it through them.

  2. A dripping tap is more than just an annoying sound; it can waste up to 15 gallons of water per day and add approximately $100 to your yearly water bill. To avoid wasting precious water, make sure you turn your taps off all the way.

  3. I couldn’t agree more that you should do regular maintenance on things like sinks and showers to avoid big repairs, as the article recommends. The amount of effort needed to keep things working right is nothing compared to the potential cost of serious repairs. Drains should be kept clear and any small leaks or other problems should be addressed immediately.

  4. Nice post. Very informative and useful. I will use these above mentioned tips from now.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very useful information. Wise tips to save money on plumbing repair. Even though we hire a plumbing contractor, we should be careful while they are working. You have pointed out the major mistakes we do and it is really helpful for us. By hiring a professional plumber and by caring a little more, we can save money on plumbing works.

  6. I cannot agree with you more on the maintenance tip. Before, I would never perform any maintenance, and as a result, I only fixed things when they got completely broken. It can be very costly! Now, I do my best to regularly check and fix the plumbing issues immediately. It is so much easier, faster and cheaper!

  7. I like what you said about buying fixtures. It makes sense that it could be cheaper if you have a coupon. I need to hire a plumber so I will remember to ask if I can supply parts to save money.

  8. Nice post. our Information is very Good . I Aslo try to write this type artical for my site
    thanks for give me idea this types idea.

  9. Really helpful post. People are taking everything granted in maintenance and suddenly panic about the during this situation. By above tips they can they can save money and maintain there work properly.

  10. Your first tip about doing regular maintenance on your pipes and fixtures seems like a very smart thing to do. I think that most people don’t even worry about their plumbing until something goes wrong. Making sure that everything is working correctly as often as possible can definitely save you a lot of money in the long run and make your plumbing fixtures last longer.

  11. Send me coupons.

  12. I like what you said about asking the plumber for their license before letting them work on your home. It makes sense that if they can provide that, then hopefully you can trust them more. My husband and I need to hire a plumber for our basement remodel, so I will make sure to ask them to show us their license to be sure we can hire them.

  13. Hey This is great plumbing tips to save money.I want to add like you should be alert about faucets are not dripping,All of drains should be fitted,If your toilet are not flushing properly you should replace it and should check time to time,Drain Cleaning should be done periodically on floor drains,slow moving drains etc.

    Again nice article cheers..!!

  14. Cleaning the area you want a plumber you want to work on is a good plan. Not doing so is seen as very rude and will not earn you any favors. If something is wrong with your toilet or something, make sure there is nothing within a few feet of it if you can.

  15. Great tips. We try to keep our customers here in Sandy Springs, GA informed as well. Awesome job of keeping customers informed!

  16. Great blog! Leaks can also turn into mold if they are not addressed immediately!
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  17. Making sure your plumber has a license is the #1 thing you should do! Then you can worry about the rest. Great post.
    Plumber Lexington SC

  18. Make sure you get a great plumber who knows what they are doing, serious plumbing problems can damage your health and your home! Plumber Lexington SC

  19. I really like your tip about hiring a licensed professional when it comes to your plumbing. My husband and I have been thinking about redoing our master bathroom for a while now so we will have to keep these tips in mind so that we can save money in the future. We are really excited to get the whole process started, thank you for sharing!

  20. I really like your tip about making sure that you hire a licensed professional so that you know that they are doing the job correctly the first time. My husband and I have been wanting to remodel our bathroom for a while now but we want to make sure that it is done by someone who knows what they are doing. We will be sure to keep these tips in mind while looking for the right supplies and the right plumber. Thank you for sharing!

    • Glad you found them useful Avery – good luck with the remodel! You can also check out sites like for other remodeling tips.

  21. I am happy to learn that one should ask to see the person’s license before hiring a professional plumber. It would be great to get your problems fixed the first time and pay a little more for someone who is properly certified. Finding someone with great communication skills would help throughout the process to ensure that you get your plumbing questions answered.

  22. I appreciate that you are sharing this useful blog. The tips you have given in the blog is really helpful for the readers. Well described about hiring a licensed professional plumber. I am also going hire a licensed professional plumber to remodel my bathroom area. I have read the tips you have mentioned in the blog and these must be helpful to hire a licensed professional plumber.

  23. You are amazingly described all the valuable plumbing tips. I love your informative article. It is too good. Thanks for sharing a wonderful article.

  24. Another easy way to save is to throw trash away in a trash can instead of flushing it down the toilet. We know how tempting it is to flush a tissue, but you waste several gallons of water each time. If you flush trash on your toilet it will give you a huge problem in the near future.

  25. These are great and very informative. All you mentioned can use to prevent costly plumbing problems in the future.

  26. If the plumber charge per hours, professional plumber solves the problems minimum time rather than non-professional plumber they have much time to spend to reach problems.

  27. Very interesting article, thanks for sharing.

  28. Plumbing without blockages is an unusual find. Hence, we all need good plumbing services for immaculate plumbing. The tips shared in this post about purchasing fixtures, licensed professionals, combine jobs etc. certainly are handy. I am looking forward to read further such informative posts. Thank you.

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